20-21 SEP. Azkuna Zentroa

Universal Security & Emergengy Channel

USEC Bilbao Congress 2023

Promoted by the technical-professional magazine "USECIM News Channel", it is a place of congress interrelation of reference, where the professionals and the Industry of the Safety, Emergency and Mobility sectors share a common and transversal space at managerial level, with power of decision and prescription.

What makes it up?

Azkuna Zentroa Auditorium, USEC Bilbao Congress 2023

1. Conferences

Cross-cutting round tables, interviews and technical-operational talks by and for managers, executives and other actors in the Security, Emergency and Mobility sectors.

Top-level speakers provide useful and applicable knowledge, answers to various research, theoretical and practical, doctrinal and even jurisprudential concerns, of immediate relevance and with a view to the future.

Mobile Brigade - BRIMO

Round tables

* 50 min

* 3 speakers

Mobile Brigade - BRIMO

Transversal round tables

* Duration: 60 min

* 4 speakers

Mobile Brigade - BRIMO


* Duration: 40 min

* 1-2 speakers

Mobile Brigade - BRIMO

Technical-operational talks

* Duration: 20 min

* 1 speaker

2. USEC Professional Awards

Recognition of professionals

The USEC PROFESSIONAL AWARDS, promoted by the professional technical magazine "USECIM News Channel", have as their mission the public recognition of the important work carried out by the different institutions, agencies, professionals and managers dedicated to Safety, Emergencies and Mobility, both in the public and private sectors.

According to the rules that regulate them, the awards are divided into different categories. In some cases, awards are given for merit, management and best practices, as well as for professional career, training and research, best product or service, R&D&I and cybersecurity.

USEC Professional Awards at the USEC Bilbao Congress 2023
Azkuna Zentroa Skylight, USEC Bilbao Congress 2023

3. Commercial exhibition

Up to 4,200 m² of exhibition space, for the industry suppliers of products and services of the 3 main sectors.

A complementary opportunity for congress attendees and technical personnel from the different Administrations to learn about the latest trends and developments in the market.

4. Networking moment

Different schedules reserved to promote the highest quality networking among attendees.

Coffee breaks will be served during the meetings, and various canapés and drinks will be served at the end of the morning and afternoon sessions.

Gildas de Bilbao
Rioja Alavesa wine
USEC Bilbao Congress

Thematic areas

ADVANCE Scientific content:

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