USEC Congress Online Content

Jun 14, 2022 | News

From now on you can access all the online content of the USEC Congress, professional event promoted by USECIM News Channel and supported by the Basque Government, Provincial Council of Bizkaia and the City Council of Bilbao, in this edition, available in open access for all interested professionals of Safety, Emergencies and Mobility.

Numerous lectures, round tables, interviews, associative conferences and technical-operational talks by and for managers, executives and other actors in the Security, Emergency and Mobility sectors were given by a large number of professionals.

95 speakers, in 38 sessions over 2 days, offered enriching information and provided useful and applicable knowledge, answers to various research, theoretical and practical, doctrinal and even jurisprudential concerns, of immediate and foreseeable future relevance.

Everything was recorded and all the content of the USEC Congress is now available for your Online consultation.



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