AMPER and critical infrastructures

Apr 18, 2022 | Transversal

Grupo Amper will be present at the USEC Bilbao Congress 2022, which will take place at the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao on May 25th and 26th, will have a stand in its exhibition area and will participate in one of the Professional Conferences of the event, entitled: "The protection of critical and strategic infrastructures".

Also taking part in the round table will be José Luis Pérez Pajuelo, director of the National Center for Critical Infrastructure, CNPIC, Jesús Urien, head of Business Security Solutions Euskadi and Navarra at PwC and Prof. Dr. José Julián Isturitz, General Director of Patrimony and Contracting in the Government of the Canary Islands.

ROUNDTABLE 9. Transversal Room 0B - Wednesday 25: 17:10 - 18:00 h

Amper has extensive experience in the design, development and implementation of technological solutions for the security and control of critical infrastructures. The knowledge of the technology, together with the accumulated experience and its holistic vision of this, position Amper as a reference firm when it comes to addressing turnkey projects for the protection of this type of infrastructure. 

In terms of experience, Amper has successfully implemented its solutions (both nationally and internationally) in different critical infrastructures, such as data processing centers in large corporations, airports, prisons, etc . 

Based on its own technology, as well as in the union of this with third-party technology, Amper offers global solutions with a high capacity for customization to the demand of requirements posed by this type of infrastructure. Systems such as video surveillance, perimeter detection, signal intelligence, access control, communications, etc ... are some of the examples. All these systems work in an integrated way, through a software platform capable of making them interact with each other, facilitating the tasks of operation and control, as well as generating value to the end customer.

Amper has developed a global integration platform (called SIMA), through which all the systems and sub-systems that make up the overall security solution of a complex or infrastructure are integrated. 

USEC Bilbao Congress 2022

AMPER has developed the necessary components to integrate these security elements, together with its own communications products.

Issues such as interoperability or the convergence of OT/IT systems, are elements on which Amper establishes a constant focus, ensuring our customers the delivery of technological solutions that meet the highest security standards, as well as facilitating their implementation within large corporations. Amper establishes a constant focus, ensuring our customers the delivery of technological solutions that meet the highest security standards, as well as facilitating the implementation of these within the environments of large corporations.    

USEC Bilbao Congress

With the support and participation of the Department of Security of the Basque Government, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and the City Council of Bilbao, an exclusive and unique congress initiative is born in its transversal format, in which professionals, policy makers and the industry, from the sectors of Security, Emergencies and Mobility, will share a space on a managerial scale, with power of decision and prescription.

The congress will address three main thematic areas: Safety, Emergencies and Mobility, and 86 speakers will offer enriching information and provide useful and applicable knowledge, answers to various research, theoretical and practical, doctrinal and even jurisprudential concerns, of immediate relevance and with a view to the future.

Its conferences, cross-cutting round tables, interviews, associative days and technical-operational talks will be given by and for managers, executives and other actors with decision-making and prescriptive power in the target sectors.

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