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Mar 18, 2022 | News

The USEC Bilbao Congress 2022, scheduled to be held at the Palacio Euskalduna on May 25 and 26, will host 15 round tables, 8 lectures and 14 technical-operational talks, as well as a commercial exhibition.

Supported by the Basque Government, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and the City Council of Bilbao, a very innovative professional congress is born in terms of its format and thematic transversality, very segmented in terms of its audience, and called to become a benchmark for debate.

The USEC Bilbao Congress, promoted by the technical-professional magazine "Canal de Noticias USECIM", will become a place of congress and exhibition interrelation of reference, in which professionals and companies supplying products and/or services of the Security, Emergency and Mobility sectors, share a common space on a managerial scale, with power of decision and prescription.

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It will offer enriching information and will be a meeting and interrelation point to promote the dissemination and implementation of best practices in the sectors to which it is addressed.

It will work to provide answers to various research, theoretical and practical, doctrinal and even jurisprudential concerns, of immediate relevance and with a view to the future.

And it will provide useful and applicable knowledge, promoting a meeting between professionals from our country and other nationalities.

We will soon present an update of the scientific content of the USEC Bilbao Congress with the different professionals involved.



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