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Public recognition of professionals

The UNIVERSAL SECURITY & EMERGENCY CHANNEL AWARDS - IV International Security and Emergency Awards - promoted by the technical-professional magazine "USECIM News Channel", have as their mission the public recognition of the important work carried out by the different institutions, agencies, professionals and managers dedicated to Security, Emergencies and Mobility, both in the public and private sectors.

According to the rules that regulate them, the awards are divided into different categories. In some cases, awards are given for merit, management and best practices, as well as for professional career, training and research, best product or service, R&D&I and cybersecurity.

USEC Bilbao Congress

"The USEC Awards - promoted by the professional technical publication USECIM News Channel, distinguish the work of professionals, Public Institutions and social groups in the sectors of Safety, Emergencies and Mobility.

For this reason, in the design of this award we wanted to emphasize that this is a unique event. The categories and areas thatmake up the awards have never before been grouped together in awards of this nature.

May its award statuette, made up of the acronyms of the sectors covered, serve as a cornerstone and symbol in the construction of this project that has led to the creation of these awards. A design that, together with the copper and silver, extols the importance and repercussion of this well-deserved tribute to the professionals."

The Organization.



  1. Purpose. To publicly recognize the institutions, professionals and companies in the Security, Emergency and Mobility sectors whose performance has merited this distinction, in accordance with the provisions of these Rules.
  1. Notice. USECIM Iberia SL, with registered office at Tristán de Leguizamón 2, 48007 Bilbao, and NIF: B-16919359, on the initiative of its technical-professional media 'USECIM News Channel', announces the 'Universal Security & Emergency Channel Awards' - USEC Awards - IV International Security and Emergency Awards.
  1. Participation. The 'USEC Awards' will be awarded to Public Administrations and the bodies that depend on them and that manage competences related to the field of Safety, Emergencies and Mobility; to the Security Forces and Corps, Fire Services, Civil Protection and Health Emergencies of a public or private nature and their components; to institutions and entities dedicated to Training and Research; and to private entities that supply products and services in the field of Safety, Emergencies and Mobility.

4. Types of Awards: There shall be the following types of awards.

a) Merit in Public Security, Private Security and/or in Emergencies, honorary distinction destined to recognize meritorious actions of the Institutions, units or components of the Security Forces and Corps, of the private Security services and/or of the Emergency Attention Services, which have involved notorious risk, exceptional solidarity or an extraordinary level of professionalism. In order to preserve the exceptional nature of the granting of this award, its concession will be reserved for exceptional cases, taking into account the nature of the merits and services rendered, the importance of the work carried out and the particular circumstances of the person to be recognized. Institutions deserving this distinction may only receive one award in this category at each annual USEC Awards ceremony.

b) Management of Public Security Services, Private Security Services, Emergencies and/or Mobility, an honorary distinction intended to recognize those in charge of public and private Security Services and Emergency and/or Mobility Services, who have distinguished themselves for the good management of the policies or services under their responsibility.

c) Good Practices in Public Security, Private Security, Emergencies and/or Mobility, honorary distinction destined to recognize those responsible for the development of good practices or new experiences that contribute to improve Security, Emergency and/or Mobility services, as well as to increase their prestige.

d) Professional Career in Public Security, Private Security, Emergency and/or Mobility, honorary distinction intended to recognize individuals who in the professional, business or institutional field have stood out for a long personal career of commitment to the improvement and prestige of public and private Security services, Emergency Services and/or Mobility.

e) Training and research in Safety, Emergencies and/or Mobility, honorary distinction destined to recognize professionals, Institutions and Entities, public or private, dedicated to training in Safety, Emergencies and/or Mobility.

f) Best Product for Safety, Emergencies and/or Mobility, an honorary distinction aimed at recognizing Companies that have stood out for offering Safety, Emergencies and/or Mobility services a product or service that represents a significant improvement for its components or for users.

g) R&D&I in Security, Emergencies and/or Mobility, honorary distinction aimed at recognizing professionals, public and/or private entities that have excelled in the research and development of products, services and procedures aimed at meeting the needs of Security, Emergencies and/or Mobility services.

h) Other awards that, in view of the nominations submitted, may be proposed by the Advisory Committee and accepted by the promoting entity.

5. Types of Awards. All individual awards will consist of a Statuette and/or Diploma and/or Medal for each of the distinguished persons in uniform and a Statuette and/or Diploma for those not in uniform. The collective awards will consist of a single statuette. For the distinguished institutions and entities, the concession of the Award will also entitle the use of the corresponding logo, according to the rules established by the Style Book of the Awards.

Each modality will award 3 distinctions:

  • Award
  • Silver category award
  • Bronze category award

6. Submission of nominations. In addition to the members of the Jury and its Advisory Committee, any person or institution may propose one or more of the Awards.

In order to submit the different candidatures, the following template must be completed. Once all the requested information has been filled in, the application must be sent by e-mail to the following e-mail address:

In any case, the proposals must clearly identify the persons or institutions making them, providing contact addresses and telephone numbers. Likewise, they must indicate, specifically, the award they propose, as well as the identification of the person or institution they propose to distinguish. Likewise, they must include an explanatory and justifying report of their proposal, as extensive as possible.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Jury's Advisory Committee reserves the right to assign a given nomination to a category of award different from the one for which it was originally proposed, provided that it considers that, due to its characteristics, it is more in line with the provisions of these Rules.

If you wish to attach audiovisual material, it must be sent via a download link, together with the completed template.

In case of providing any audiovisual material, the candidate declares and guarantees:

  • That the video provided is original and unpublished and that it holds the ownership and control of the rights over it, being able to authorize its diffusion to USECIM Iberia SL, according to what is indicated in the present document.
  • That he/she has obtained the express authorization of all persons appearing in the video. If minors are involved in the video, the candidate or the entity declares and guarantees to have obtained the prior written authorization of parents (authorization signed by father and mother), guardians or legal representatives of the minor, with sufficient scope to allow USECIM Iberia SL to carry out the dissemination of the images of the minor in the manner and means detailed in the present
  • That no elements whose rights belong to a third party (including expressly trademarks) appear in the video.

The responsibility for non-compliance with these guarantees shall be exclusively that of the candidate or participating entity.

The deadline for the submission of nominations will be June 9, 2023. Subsequently, USECIM Iberia SL may contact each of the candidates with the purpose of gathering additional information, in order to opt for the award in the corresponding category.

7. Jury. The Jury will be formed by professionals and personalities of recognized prestige, in their own capacity and/or representing different institutions and/or entities:

The appointment of all members of the Jury will be made by the Organization of the event. The Jury will make its decisions by simple majority.

8. Jury Advisory Committee. The Jury will have the collaboration of an Advisory Committee, formed by three persons of recognized prestige in the field of Security and Emergencies, who will be designated by the Organization of the event. This Advisory Committee will act with voice, but without vote. Without prejudice to the absolute freedom of choice of the Jury, in accordance with the provisions of these Rules, the Advisory Committee shall be expressly empowered to make a pre-selection of the candidatures and to make to the Jury the proposals it deems appropriate to facilitate its work.

9. Presentation of the USEC Awards. The Awards will be presented in a solemn ceremony, through the celebration of an Awards Gala that will take place during the celebration of the USEC Bilbao Congress 2023.

10. Convener of the awards. The USEC Awards are organized by the professional technical magazine "Canal de Noticias USECIM".

11. Data protection. The data provided will be processed by USECIM Iberia S.L., with address at calle Tristán de Leguizamón 2, 48007 Bilbao.

The data provided will be processed by USECIM Iberia SL in order to manage participation in this initiative. USECIM Iberia SL may send to participants, by email or any other means of electronic communication, communications related to the initiative in which they participate. The legal basis for this treatment is the execution of the conditions accepted by users in these rules.

The personal data provided will be kept for the duration of this initiative, as well as for the legally established terms to which USECIM Iberia SL is obliged or empowered by virtue of the agreements signed with the participants.

No data will be transferred to third parties, unless legally required. In order to properly manage the personal data of its users, USECIM Iberia SL will have the collaboration of third party service providers who may have access to your personal data and who will process such data in the name and on behalf of USECIM Iberia SL as a result of their provision of services. USECIM Iberia SL undertakes to sign with them the corresponding data processing contract, by which it will impose on them, among others, the following obligations: to apply appropriate technical and organizational measures; to process personal data for the agreed purposes and only in accordance with the documented instructions of USECIM Iberia SL; and to delete or return the data to USECIM Iberia SL once the provision of services is completed.

Any person has the right to obtain confirmation as to whether or not USECIM Iberia processes personal data concerning him/her, and if so, to access his/her personal data, as well as to request the rectification of inaccurate data or, where appropriate, to request deletion when, among other reasons, the data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.

In certain circumstances, interested parties may request the limitation of the processing of their data, in which case only USECIM Iberia SL will keep them for the exercise or defense of claims. In certain circumstances and for reasons related to their particular situation, the user may object to the processing of their data, in which case, USECIM Iberia SL will stop processing the data, except for compelling legitimate reasons or the exercise or defense of possible claims.

Likewise, in certain cases, the data subject may exercise his or her right to data portability, which will be delivered in a structured, commonly used or machine-readable format to the user himself or herself or to the new data controller designated by him or her.

As a centralized channel for the exercise of these rights, the applicant may contact the e-mail address or the postal address located at calle Tristán de Leguizamón 2 - dpto. 3D, 48007 Bilbao, providing proof of identity and specifying the right he/she wishes to exercise. The interested party has the right, in any case, to file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency. www.aepd.esespecially when he/she has not obtained satisfaction in the exercise of his/her rights.

The candidates accept and authorize that their data, the data of the person/s they present as candidate/s, the audiovisual material submitted, as well as the images and/or voice included therein or taken during the Awards ceremony, be disseminated in any commercial, advertising or media that USECIM Iberia SL may use, expressly including its web pages and profiles on social networks to inform and publicize the celebration of these Awards, as well as to carry out the voting of users in those categories that expressly contemplate it.

In this sense, the entity/individual submitting the candidacy will be solely and exclusively responsible for obtaining the acceptance of these rules by the candidates and/or participants in the audiovisual material submitted, as well as their authorization for the processing of their personal data and the use of the same and their image in accordance with the provisions of these rules.

12. Acceptance of the Rules. Participation as a candidate in the USEC Awards implies acceptance of these Rules and Regulations absolutely and in all their terms.

USECIM Iberia SL reserves, to the extent permitted by law, the right to modify the rules at any time if circumstances so require.

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