ecaptureDtech and its 3D models

Nov 8, 2022 | Security

ecaptureDtech and its technology for generating 3D models through any device with a camera, will participate in the USEC Bilbao Congress 2023.

ecaptureDtech will participate in the USEC Bilbao Congress 2023, to be held at the Azkuna Zentroa in the Biscayan capital, on September 20 and 21.

As a leader in image analysis and processing, ecaptureDtech can generate 3D models with any camera, including cell phones, obtain spectral 3D models from hyperspectral cameras and perform object and person recognition on 2D images using artificial intelligence.

Its web platforms (eyesCloud3d, eyesNroad, eyesDcar) can be used from cell phones and from any device, allowing all users to access technologies easily, simply and without previous knowledge; such as 3D content generation or spectral 3D models, object and/or person recognition through artificial intelligence, IoT and Big Data.

ecaptureDtech will take part in the Professional Conferences of the event, dealing with the technification of Security Services, Emergencies and Mobility.

USEC Bilbao Congress 2023

Together with the collaboration of the Department of Security of the Basque Government, this congress, exclusive and unique in its transversal format, is once again being held in the Basque Country, where professionals, policy makers and industry, from the Security, Emergency and Mobility sectors, share a space at management and command level, with power of decision and/or prescription.

The congress will feature more than 90 speakers of the highest level who will offer enriching information and provide useful and applicable knowledge, answers to various research, theoretical and practical, doctrinal and even jurisprudential concerns, of immediate and foreseeable future relevance.

Conferences, cross-cutting round tables, interviews, associative days and technical-operational talks will be offered by and for managers, executives and other stakeholders in the target sectors.

USEC Congress



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