Professional Conferences

Videos, 05/25/2022:

ROUND-TABLE 1. Transversal.

"Public safety policies".

ROUND-TABLE 2. Transversal.

"Sustainability plans in public security services".

ROUND-TABLE 3. Mobility.

"Mobility of the future".


ROUND-TABLE 4. Emergencies.

"Are pandemics just a health problem? Role of Security and Emergency Services in pandemic situations."

ROUND-TABLE 5. Security.

"Violence against women and minors".

ROUND-TABLE 6. Mobility.

"Roads and tunnels, Vision ZERO".


"The justice system facing the management of the COVID-19 pandemic: the need for emergency law".

ROUND-TABLE 7. Transversal.

"Safety and self-protection plans".

ROUND TABLE 8. Mobility.

"New urban mobility models: the person, at the center of mobility policies. Rethinking cities".

ROUND-TABLE 9. Transversal.

"The protection of critical and strategic infrastructures. Optimizing their security against deliberate aggressions, especially against terrorist attacks".


"Towards Safe, Connected, Cooperative and Autonomous Mobility".

ROUND-TABLE 10. Transversal.

"Security training. Present and future".

Professional Conferences

Videos, 05/26/2022:

PAPER 1. Security.

"Cybersecurity. The fight against cybercrime in the Basque Country".

ROUNDTABLE 11. Emergencies.

"Adverse weather coming".


"The contribution of the Prosecutor's Office to Road Safety".

PAPER 2. Security.

"Religious pretext terrorism".

PAPER 3. Emergencies.

"Adverse meteorology, its impact. Forest fires in Spain and floods in Central Europe".

PAPER 4. Mobility.

"SDGs 2030 and Road Safety. Involvement to change the trend with VISION ZERO".

ROUND-TABLE 12. Security.

"Reflections on the transformation and optimization of local police management".

ROUND TABLE 13. Mobility.

"The most vulnerable users. The new models of urban mobility"

ROUND-TABLE 14. Emergencies.

"Warning Systems and information management in coordination centers".

ROUND-TABLE 15. Transversal.

"Coordination in reporting in multiple casualty incidents in transportation."

ROUND-TABLE 16. Transversal.

"Coordination in major events. European Civil Protection Mechanism".

ROUND-TABLE 17. Transversal.

"Current and future challenges for Mobility managers".

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